Dr. A.

As told to Zack Leonatti The Facing Project: Dr. A I was a young boy growing up in the city of Tema in southern Ghana close to the capital.  My house was just like any other in Ghana, made of cement block in a large, spacious compound.  Our … [Read more...]

Love Over Fear

As told to Leah Casey Love over Fear   Crunch.   “Not again” I think as I feel the toes of my prosthetic foot curl under and break during a pick up game of basketball. I limp to the sidelines of our freshman dorm court, trying to … [Read more...]

Eli Asbury Underwood

As told to Corrie Smith   Eli isn’t short for anything; it’s just what mom chose.  Being from a blended family in a small rural community, my life seemed pretty planned out for me.  Farm life with my dad and brothers was thought to be on … [Read more...]

Corrie Smith

As told to Eli Underwood How do I do this? I’m not really sure how the hell I am going to do this. I’m supposed to say all the things about me, summed up neatly in a few pages, and still leave an impression that I am more than just these words … [Read more...]

Zack’s Story

As told to Albert Akyeampong Zack’s  Story I did not know the next direction in my life when I was young. I was called to the game named baseball.  There was nothing like being in the field of green and brown but I was also called to serving … [Read more...]

Three Days Later

As told to Dustin Rieman I was driving to Ohio Northern University. I was with my mom and dad for the last time, at least for awhile. I was excited to meet new friends and live on my own. We were driving from my little, cornfield hometown, Seville … [Read more...]

The Lucky Shot

As told to Samson Frendo As soon as I’d heard the news, I came to Mr. John Stanovich to inquire about a new internship opportunity that was being offered for the first time on the Ohio Northern University campus. I was a fourth-year pharmacy … [Read more...]

The Final Piece to My Puzzle

As told to Kara Horvath Carley and I met in middle school in an American history class. She would not stop making fun of me. On the first day of class, she sat down right behind me and immediately commented on my clothes. “Your shirt is inside-out,” … [Read more...]

Finding My Passion

As told to Sara Florian Nervous butterflies fluttered around in my stomach as I stared out the window of my sister Michelle’s Chevy Aveo, watching the endless rows of golden corn fields that make up northwest Ohio. I was headed off to college, … [Read more...]