Stories on College

Life After High School

  As told to Ian Cree Life After High school             It was my junior year of high-school when I realized that I had this uncontrollable drive to go to Ohio Northern University “(Northern).” My name is Joe Williams. From my time in high … [Read more...]

The Story of Brianna Gilbert

The Story of Brianna Gilbert as Told By Joshua Shelton “Live life for the moment because everything else is uncertain!”-Louis Tomlinson When I first met Brianna, she seemed to be full of stories. She was a person, who to me, was given a lot of … [Read more...]

Finding My Voice

Sota Fujimoto as told to Amanda Trogus Finding my Voice             My name is Sota Fujimoto. I was born in Japan and I came to America for College. I got to Ohio Northern University. I chose this college because I liked the feeling that it gave … [Read more...]

Trailblazing a Family Legacy

Dr. Edward Potcanowicz as told to Mitchell Colvin   Trail Blazing a Family Legacy, Dr. Edward Potcanowicz             I have traveled so many different paths on my way to getting here, that looking back across my life at the age of 53, it's … [Read more...]

Pathway Through Transitions

Cody's Story as told to Victoria Ternes   Pathway Through Transitions             I thought that college would be like any other school. But what I had instead is probably one of the most mortifying stories that anyone could think of. … [Read more...]

More Than My Chair

Morgan's story, as told to Sammy Voors More Than My Chair             When I was first learning to walk with crutches, my mom took me to the mall and let me go. As I tried to walk, I wobbled down the hall and fell down, over and over again. Instead … [Read more...]

My Rock, My Reason, My Grandmother

About Freshman Austin Smith as told to Cheyenne Smith My Rock, My Reason, My Grandmother She was 51 years old the day she passed away. I was lucky enough to have spent 16 years with her before she took her final breath. My grandmother could … [Read more...]

Small Town, Big Personality

About Jeannie Blevins as told to Hallie Woods   Small Town Big Personality Through my whole life I have been through a whirlwind of events and great memories, living my absolute best life. I grew up on a beautiful 2-acre piece of land … [Read more...]

Life is like a garden… The Life Story of William Mancuso as told to Abby Godwin I love to garden. My daughters Isabella and Carmen harass me because there’s almost no square inch of grass left in our backyard. To me, life is like a … [Read more...]

I Would Never Be Like Him The story of Sanson Frendo as told to Mya Ray   I Would Never Be Like Him I’ve always been a learner. More than what I think others might be. I get that from my Dad; he’s a huge nerd, and always would tell … [Read more...]